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Preschoolers and Sleep


Preschoolers and Sleep Preschoolers (aged 3 to 5) need a good long night's sleep of 11 to 13 hours and even with this some might still need a nap in the day. Sleep in these years is very important for growth and their ... [READ MORE]

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Discipline The word 'discipline' actually means 'to teach' and not necessarily to punish. If you use the above strategies, you will probably never need to punish your child in the old-fashioned sense. Smack... [READ MORE]

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Choosing Child Care for Babies - 0 to 18 months


Choosing Child Care for Babies - 0 to 18 months It is important for babies at this early stage that the child care centre have a low ratio of carers to babies, which will allow the carer to respond more quickly to your babies needs.


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