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Babies and Sleep


Babies and Sleep By three months your baby will tend to sleep more at night and stay awake longer during the day. But every baby will be different and some sleep for long periods and some in shorter naps. .Here ... [READ MORE]

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Discipline The word 'discipline' actually means 'to teach' and not necessarily to punish. If you use the above strategies, you will probably never need to punish your child in the old-fashioned sense. Smack... [READ MORE]

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Choosing Child Care for Preschoolers - 3 to 5 years


Choosing Child Care for Preschoolers - 3 to 5 years While one-on-one child care is always beneficial, for the child in the 3 to 5 year bracket a centre with other children of the same age has many benefits. Being in the company of others of the... [READ MORE]

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